Dear Students (and Parents) of Mora/Holman Elementary,

My name is Mrs. Alcón (most of you know me as Mrs. Tracy). I am so excited to welcome you all back to school! Our school year will begin on August 11 with a meet and greet. On this day you will meet your (child’s) teachers and leave supplies so you don’t have to carry them all by yourself on the first day. Everyone will have to wear a mask at school. This is one of the ways we will be working to keep each other safe while at school. When you come in to meet your teacher, you might feel butterflies in your stomach. This means you’re a little excited and nervous. Guess what?! Your teachers (and your principal) are feeling the same way. We will all get through this together and be a great team as we work together this year.

When you all come to school, there will be some people you already know and some new faces. This is because new people have joined our staff or may have moved to a new position. So far, these are some of those people:

Ms. Michelle Cruz—elementary counselor

Mrs. Tabitha Chavez—2nd grade teacher

Ms. Loriann Rodriguez—3rd grade teacher

Ms. Shelby Martinez--3rd grade teacher

Ms. Joann Griego—music teacher

Ms. Angelica Vigil—elementary secretary

Again, all staff, students, and any visitors will have to wear a mask indoors. However, when you go outdoors or when you are eating, you can take your mask off (if NMPED changes the guidance, we will let everyone know). We will also be sanitizing frequently and washing our hands regularly so we can keep our school as safe as possible.

Parents, as we proceed through the school year, please keep an eye on our website to ensure that you are always up to date. Please feel free to call or email me if you or your child have any questions.

I know the burning question in every child’s head right now is “Who is my teacher?” Please know that students have been placed in a specific class with consideration from the previous year’s teachers. We have placed students in classes where we feel they will be the most successful. Any requests to have a teacher changed will be considered, but not guaranteed.

Again, I can’t wait to see you all! See you soon!

Academically yours,

Mrs. Tracy Alcón,

Mora/Holman Elementary Principal