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    Please join Us on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 3:30 pm in the Boardroom


    This is a very important group to come and be part of the FMP (Facilities Master Plan Committee). The purpose of the committee is to develop a plan which supports our District mission and Educational Program for all students. Come and be part of the group that will come together in a collaborative discussion to give input on what each school site needs.



    To: Parents/Staff

    From: Ella E. Arellano, Superintendent

    Transportation Director


    The School Safety Committee which is comprised of both staff/community members have been working diligently on a plan that is addressing all the safety concerns that exist today.

    In a continuous effort to make our campus safe for our students, staff, and community, I am asking for your cooperation in all safety practices we are attempting to implement. First steps, as you are aware is practicing safety drills that encompass a variety of drills that occasionally will merit a lockdown drill.  Most recently we have begun to implement a new plan for loading and unloading bus students.

    Only buses are permitted in front of the Middle School and in front of the gym as their primary exit off the campus. NO parent/community parking is allowed behind the cafeteria (at present time this is a staff parking only). Designated pick-up area is between the Elementary Gym and the green gate before the cafeteria.

    As a result parent pick-up and drop off has also been relocated. Drop off in the morning will be no further than the green gate before the cafeteria and all parents are to turn left at the red barriers to exit the campus through the road not the parking lot. Staff who have children needing to be picked up by parents/guardians will wait at the green gate. Designated Staff are to wait with students until parents arrive in their vehicle. Parents should remain in their vehicles in order to eliminate students running through traffic. We will be clearly marking paths in the upcoming weeks to exit the campus in an orderly fashion.  Staff may be asked to park in a different location. Students should never be parked behind the cafeteria, only in their designated parking areas.

    It is only with your cooperation with this process will it possible to make the transition. We must keep in mind that this in the best interest of the safety of all our students. If you have any questions and/or input, please feel free to call, come by or e-mail me.


    Letter from Superintendent


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