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    Good Morning,


    The Public School Facilities Authority (PSFA), administrative staff to the Public School Capital Outlay Council (PSCOC), is gathering input for potential updates to the Statewide Adequacy Standards this year and we need your input. 


    We need input from each school community to ensure the proposed changes are relevant and effective.  As owners and users of school facilities, your perspective is valuable and needs to be included.


    The Adequacy Standards set fundamental requirements for educational spaces, furnishings, and equipment for every public school in New Mexico.  When your community plans a new school or remodel of an existing school, the Adequacy Standards set minimum classroom space requirements. These minimum space requirements are the “bottom line”, for the designer and the community to use as a starting point. When you fill out the survey, a question you may ask yourself is; “is this classroom the right size for project based learning” or “ does my special education classroom have enough space for wheelchairs, lifts and walkers in addition to my students?” Your answers will assist the Council to set minimum educational space requirements based on your experience.


    The updates that the Council is considering this year could impact important areas in existing schools, including:


    • General education classrooms
    • Special education classrooms
    • Libraries
    • Gymnasiums
    • Nurse suites
    • And more


    We invite you to complete our simple, on-line survey.  The survey is available at this link:




    Superintendents and others please feel free to share and post this link on your website to help us engage the full spectrum of communities around the state. 


    The survey will be open until September 15, 2018.


    We look forward to your participation.



    Jonathan Chamblin, Director

    Architect, LEED AP, CCCA, NABCEP PV

    New Mexico Public School Facilities Authority

    Office:  505-843-6272

    Cell:  505-469-0968




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